Newport Gwent Police – Read Between The Lines

Domestic violence, coercive behaviour and abuse are all too common in today’s society...

With an estimated 2.4 million adults within England and Wales experiencing some form of domestic abuse within the last year.

The Read Between The Lines campaign was set up by Gwent Police in order to inform and educate the public that domestic abuse is not always immediately obvious or visible, with sufferers not often identifying themselves as victims.

The campaign rationale and visual centered around everyday people from different backgrounds and walks of life casually sharing their stories – quick statements that gave new insights into what abuse is and can be.

Throughout the campaign animation, the colour scheme spans from light pastel shades to dark, bold tones as the characters’ statements are shared. These are paired with subtle background noises such as a kettle boiling to a heart monitor beeping in order to contextually bring to life each story without the need for a visual – the words alone are what matter here.

The campaign was launched in April 2020 during the Coronavirus outbreak, which proved to be most timely with rates of reported domestic abuse incidents rising following lockdown.

“I just wanted to say thanks for your work on the Read Between The Lines campaign. It has been received really well by the public, our partners and our officers within the Force”

“This is BRILLIANT. Getting the message right to raise awareness of domestic abuse is so hard, but this explains coercive and controlling behaviour, and recognises the importance of bystander intervention, and spotting the signs so others can help. Well done.”


Newport Gwent Police




Campaign Strategy
Campaign Direction

Colour palette for Gwent Police's Read Between The Lines Campaign
Man holding a smartphone showing a Gwent Police Twitter post on screen
Cream text on Turquoise square stating Gwent Police's Instagram statistics for an Instagram post regarding domestic abuse
Poster mock up of Gwent Police's Read Between The Lines Campaign
Cream text on purple square stating Gwent Police's Facebook statistics for a Facebook post regarding domestic abuse
Red text on black square stating Gwent Police's Twitter statistics for a Twitter post regarding domestic abuse
Hand holding a smartphone showing a Gwent Police Facebook post on screen

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