Arts & Business Cymru Awards

Taking things digital for A&B Cymru's 27th ABC Awards.

Back in 2019, Arts and Business Cymru (A&B Cymru) came to us needing collateral for their annual ‘ABC Awards’.

From invites, programmes, menus and banners, to certificates, socials and a digital presentation – every component needed to be laid out immaculately, look stunning, and remain perfectly on brand throughout.

It was an exciting project for us to work on; not just because they’re a great team and we were able to glam up for the awards ceremony at Wales Millennium Centre(!), but because it opened our eyes to the impact of arts and business partnerships.

We knew of all the brilliant work A&B Cymru and their partners had done over the years, but the true gravity of their achievements was awe-inspiring as we learnt more and more about them.

If you’re new to A&B, their role is to promote, enable and develop mutually beneficial partnerships between business and the arts. In their words, ‘when business and the arts work together in truly mutual partnership, both become stronger with the results benefiting our society in far reaching and tangible ways.’

It was clear that at the centre of these partnerships was (and is) a sense of community. Wonderful things happen when people from different walks of life and with different skill sets come together, and celebrating these people in the 2019 awards ceremony was a night to remember.

Then 2020 happened, and our design brief this time around had suddenly changed dramatically.

As expected, the awards ceremony in its traditional form was cancelled, and attendees had to recreate the glitz and glam of the physical event in their own homes over video.

This time, we had to think digital. As well as their print and email requirements, A&B needed a bespoke webpage to not only drum up interest, present information and hold an auction, but to stream their first ever virtual ceremony live under creative agency, Orchard’s, studio lights.

Keep scrolling to see how it turned out.


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Arts & Business Cymru Awards

Brand Direction

A different artisan creates the winning trophy every year based on their own unique aesthetic. Our designers are then tasked with creating a new look for the awards, inspired by and based on this grand prize.

Owing to the beautiful simplicity of the design this year by ceramic artist, Lowri Davies, we chose to be inspired by its distinctive angles and clean lines. To add wow factor, we snapped up the marble pattern used at the very bottom of the award, and used that to influence our design direction too.

Playing with the movement of this pattern, we landed on a fluid design of liquid shapes; an explosion of artistic paints bursting within the confines of this unique award shape.

For the main logo and print collateral, we stuck with A&B’s brand colours, pink and black, whilst adding some extra pops of colour to create the desired ‘lava lamp’ effect.

Arts & Business Cymru Awards
Arts & Business Cymru Awards

Taking the ceremony online

The webpage needed to be used for different things at different times, changing seamlessly from one purpose to another as and when it needed to. Initially it served as a place to build excitement for the event, then, it was the home of the A&B online auction, before finally turning into an online venue for the ABC Awards, where visitors could watch the ceremony live from their homes. Now, it lives on as a place to relive the night’s highlights, showcase the winners and shout out to all involved.

As a one-pager, we wanted visitors to enjoy their journey scrolling through without feeling too overwhelmed with content. We made sure it worked comfortably across devices, added a navigation bar at the top allowing users to skip to specific sections, were extremely careful and considered with the layout, and added concertina sections to facilitate large amounts of text.

And arguably the most important part – we teamed up with Orchard to ensure the live event went smoothly on the night.

Take a look at

Arts & Business Cymru Awards
Arts & Business Cymru Awards
Arts & Business Cymru Awards


We decided that every category this year deserved its own individual style. So we took the new brand logo and created numerous versions of it using different pattern styles and colours, picked in chromatic order.

This didn’t only make the awards more visually exciting and help with the flow of the ceremony, but was a way of showing how special each winner is in their own right.

Arts & Business Cymru Awards
Arts & Business Cymru Awards

Winner’s brochure

Along with the digital, a stunning winner’s brochure was produced and sent out in time for the awards ceremony. Being sat at home, missing the prestige of the physical awards ceremony, we wanted the recipients to have something through the post that felt special.

Some extra touches included a cut out in the top corner, revealing not only A&B’s main sponsor, but the award shape itself, and the use of spot UV over specific areas of the cover, enhancing the liquid effect of the design.

Arts & Business Cymru Awards

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